All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.


Yisrael came to us from a family with financial difficulties and parental dysfunction. Over his childhood years he wandered the streets and was exposed to peripheral disadvantaged youth and crime influences. He has lived in the Youth Village for 10 years and successfully completed 12 years of schooling with partial matriculation. When he completed the 12th grade he went to a pre-military academy (mechina), and he is currently serving in a paratrooper reconnaissance platoon and even received a classification of excellence from his battalion.


Moshe, the son of divorced parents with a difficult socio-economic background, came to us with poor self-esteem and a very low frustration threshold.  He experienced many difficulties and would have violent outbursts against other children and staff members. Over the years he underwent an amazing process, thanks to Neve Landy’s staff who did not stop believing in him and the hard work that he himself put in. He successfully completed 12 years of schooling with partial matriculation and is now serving in the Givati B Army Unit in the IDF.


Yitzhak, is an bright, funny and lively child who is coping with considerable difficulties and emotional turmoil. He came to us from the Emergency Center following a report of difficult incidents that included exposure to continuous violence against him and witnessing the sexual assault of his sister. Yitzhak was hospitalized in the children’s unit for emotional problems and behavioral difficulties. He is a child with a low frustration threshold who has difficulty coping with internal and external pressures. Here at Neve Landy, we worked with him to help create a personal connection and imbue him with a basic sense of confidence. We understood that Yitzhak benefits from a structured environment with boundaries and discipline. His level of aggression and destructiveness frightens him, and he is need of an adult to restrain him and support him when he is angry. It appears that he has managed to form social connections with his group, and he is even loved by them. He enjoys soccer and hand-to-hand combat group activities. He receives individual emotional therapy through contact with animals at the Neve Landy petting zoo. He had difficulties in the past fitting in at school. Since joining Neve Landy he has been well integrated in an educational framework that suits him and he is doing really well.


Avi is a sweet kid who smiles a lot, is curious and craves human contact. He came to us not knowing how to look after himself at all, he often had a runny nose and would wear dirty clothes. He suffers from attention and concentration disorders as well as behavioral problems that are expressed in violence, throwing objects, cursing and losing self-control. He has developmental problems, attention disorders and from a tender age he has been conspicuously impulsive.  In spite of his desire to connect with others he has trouble understanding social norms and has considerable difficulty fitting in with the other children in his group. He tries to draw attention in strange ways such as making animal sounds and unpleasant noises, which are rejected. From an emotional standpoint, he is a child with high levels of anxiety, sensitivity to criticism and flawed thought processes. With massive support from our staff we initiated educational therapy in all areas. He is currently undergoing animal-assisted therapy twice a week. He participates in soccer and hand-to-hand combat group activities. After lots of work with him he has learned how to function in social situations in a more positive manner and is less prone to stir up rejection. He is able to look after his own personal hygiene now and that is huge progress for him.


Yaacov was born in 2008 to parents who have known psychiatric conditions. The mother has anxiety-depression and personalality disorders; the father suffers from schizophrenia. We received reports about his parents yelling at him and being violent with him. Yaacov came from a household that didn’t respond to his physical and psychological needs and suffered from considerable learning, behavioral, emotional and social acclimation disorders. His relationship with his parents is complex and hence it is under supervision. Through massive support on the part of Neve Landy’s staff, he has gradually accepted the fact that he is living in Neve Landy. Yaakov has started to trust the staff more and his state of mind is sound; he has started to participate in more of the various activities at Neve Landy and is even starting to enjoy them. From an educational standpoint his motivation has increased and he wants to advance. Yaakov is undergoing weekly therapy with a social worker who focuses on his emotional distress. He appears to be well integrated socially and participates in soccer, breakdancing and hand-to-hand combat lessons. When he has contact with his parents he is always accompanied by professional staff from the village, and this seems to do him good.