Our Beit Bogrim Homes situated in the community, for young men aged 14 – 19 years old, provide a real opportunity for an independent life, a chance to succeed and to build confidence on the way to a meaningful IDF/ National Service experience that will help opens doors for the future.

Our Bit Bogrim homes meet the needs of around 20 teenagers who live in the community. The main values we impart in the graduates’ homes are maturity, independence and cooperation. These help us to ensure we achieve the main goals of our work with every young person:

  • Fulfilling the personal potential of every teenager
  • Facilitating their integration in community life

We support our young men to:

  • Prepare them for independent living after the age of 18
  • Receive a high school diploma or certificate of completion of 12 years of studies
  • Facilitate enlistment in the IDF or National Service on graduation from Neve Landy