A Warm Home in the Heart of the South

The Emunah Neve Landy Children’s Home in Even Shmuel serves as a warm home for 75 boys from the age of 6-19. Our diverse, unique professional staff surround them with care 24/7 all year around.

The children at the Village face many challenges with courage and conviction. They chose to disregard their starting point in life and look forward with great inner strength.

Every hour is a new beginning, every day presents hope for a better future. The principle that forms the basis of our work is our belief in the ability of every child. Yes, every child deserves a chance, every child can succeed and go as far he wants to go.

The original Neve Landy Village comprises five groups, each group consisting of 10-12 children from the age of 6-13. Our children are nurtured by an all-embracing professional staff who are trained to respond to all our children’s needs. Every group has 4-6 guidance counselors, two National Service girls, a coordinator and a social worker.

Our two Beit Bogrim houses (for our oldest young men aged 14-19) are situated close to the original village but in Even Shmuel itself, intergrating into the community and providing a real opportunity for an independent life.  This is so important because along with a  great sense of satisfaction and achievement, our young men are on their way to a meaningful IDF/ National Service experience that will opens doors to their future.

Supporting all aspects of our young people’s learning experience is a key objective of the Beit Bogrim. Every teenager receives regular assistance according to his needs: Tutoring lessons, rehabilitative instruction, help with preparing homework assignments and improving computer skills. Every young person has a personal life skills program suited to his age and abilities. The program includes opening up a bank account, understanding proper financial management, getting a driver’s license, volunteering in the community (e.g. firefighting, Magen David Adom, distributing food packages), going out to work in the afternoons, housekeeping and various tasks in the dormitory. All this helps them to gain confidence and independent skills for life.


Administration members:

Yosefa Akler, Director of Emunah Neve Landy

Yosefa has over thirty years of experience of residential children’s homes. She has served as Director of the Emunah Neve Landy Children’s Village since 2008 with a Master’s degree in Humanities and full resposibility for the running of the home. The position includes responsibility for the well-being, security and needs of everyone in the Village, children and staff workers alike.

Shoham Nagar, Dormitory Manager

Shoham has worked in the Village since 2007 with a Master’s degree in Education Systems Management. His role includes running the staff of counsellors and youth leaders as well as responsibility for the dormitory’s overall operations.

Raziel Gabai, Manager of The Home Facilities

Raziel has been working in the Village since 2004, starting as a youth leader in the dormitory, later becoming Educational Coordinator and for the past two years has directed the home facilities. As part of his role he is in charge of the Village’s image and accommodation as well as the children’s conditions and well-being.

Elad Shmaryahu

Elad is Manager of Logistics and Acquisitions with a degree in Education. He has been working in the Village since 2009, starting as a youth leader, continuing as Educational Coordinator and for the past three years has managed Logistics and Acquisitions. In charge of working with all the suppliers, kitchen and maintenance staff at the Village.

Pazit Kochabi

Pazit is the Therapy Manager of the Neve Landy,with over twenty years of experience as a child therapist. She has been working in the Emunah Neve Landy Village since 2008 with a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and Psychotherapy. She is in charge of the well-being and welfare of every child in the Village.

Halel Stolovitch

Halel is responsible for Community Relations for the village.